President Donald Trump

Donald Trump. Well-known billionaire and owner of "Miss Universe". Do I see this person US President? Of course yes! Yes I Do!
"I - the type of person who can return this country former glory. That's all I know, "- said Trump. "No one else can," - he said.
"If I put forward for the presidency and will win, I will achieve complete success in creating jobs, will achieve the defeat of the IG stop the Islamic terrorists will cut the budget deficit, to make safe the southern border, I'll get to solve the problem of nuclear proliferation in Iran and not only" - promised billionaire.

This is a very good campaign promises! On account of Donald's more than 15 books on business. For the US economy so people will really need. He is able to strengthen the economy and make progress in the foreign policy dialogue with other countries.
What may be competitors? Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, John McCain. Until today, and was Mitt Romney, but today he said he would not participate in the election race.
I am Russian. I am very interested in US policy. I'm waiting for the victory of Donald Trump! This is a very smart and decent man down as president. His pre-election policy will be on top. I am sure that after winning Trump, the world situation will improve. Thank Trump! Even while living in Russia, I will advocate for friends Americans to vote for Trump!
Good luck, Donald! We are with you!